We at Finnottes are very concerned for your welfare and ours. We are doing everything possible to help stop the spread of the Covid:19 virus. We are going above and beyond the requirements with even more frequent cleaning and sanitizing. Our nuts and confections are processed in facilities within the US that also are increasing efforts to keep it at bay. All products that are now in our retail store have been shipped well BEFORE any confirmed cases were discovered. If you need any EASTER products shipped to you instead of visiting our store, I'd be happy to help. Please call and I'll go over with you the options available to you so you and your family can celebrate the season. We have also always had local delivery service. You will all be in our thoughts.

Here is a link to our Easter price list. You can look it over and see what Easter treats you would like shipped to you or delivered. We can do hands off deliveries. Please call 608-782-3184 with any questions. Thank you.

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