We look forward to serving you in the best way possible. We are open full time so you’re welcome to come in to shop as needed. If you feel more comfortable calling in your order, please do so and we can accommodate in store pick-up, curb-side delivery, local delivery and non-local shipments. In order to help with the increase in phone calls, PLEASE email the bulk of the information first to laurie@finnottes.com Remember that if you have a local delivery, it's best to call or email your order and not to go to the "Shop Online" tab, as this is intended for out of the area shipments. You are also most welcome to call or email directly for either local or out of the area orders.

Please include the following information in your email.

ORDER FOR YOU - What you need, when you need it, your name, address and phone number, and the billing address for credit card. Credit card information will be obtained through a phone call.

ORDER GOING TO SOMEONE ELSE - Name and address of the person it’s going to, what you’d like or how much you want to spend, greeting that we can put on the card, phone number for local deliveries. I will also need the billing address for your credit card, your name and phone number. (We will call you for the actual credit card information)

REMEMBER: If you go to the SHOP ONLINE tab, it is meant for shipping out. If you have a local delivery or need more than 6 units of any item, please email or call.

If you have any questions at all please call Laurie at 608-782-3184.

Sincerely, The Finn Family

Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one of the fun things you get to decide when planning your special day. At Finnottes we have just as much fun helping you decide which direction to go. Whether you want bulk candies and snacks or single favors for each guest, we have the means to find the perfect products.

You might be interested in matching colors and seasons. We have many options. Listed below are just a few of them as we often can supply something unique to add to the ambiance of your occasion. Some are traditional or in the “just right” category, and we can also find the not so common treats. Just know that we will do all we can to make your favors as special as your day. When you’re ready you can call, email, or stop in. See the contact information at the top of the page.



Table favors are a perfect way to say thank you to everyone sharing your special day.

At Finnottes, we can supply you with the perfect candy, nuts, snacks, or chocolates. It’s easy to match colors or ideas with our wide variety of products to choose from – both traditional and new.

A few choices:

  • Foil Wrapped Solid Chocolate Hearts
  • Snack mixes in mini bags
  • Gourmet Truffles
  • Assorted or all White Jordan Almonds
  • Pastel Colored Chocolate Dutch Mints
  • Milk or Dark Foiled Fall Leaves
  • Foiled Golf balls or Footballs

Download our price list.

Chocolates and some specialty candy SHOULD BE ORDERED* before the HOT weather sets in. Orders placed between May 1st and September 31st may be subject to additional handling and shipping charges. Please place your orders early to avoid these additional costs.

*FINNOTTES will store any product to avoid weather-related problems

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